Osmosis, Black Mirror, Weird City… these technologies, which promise you to find the love

The search of the soul sister is one of the many obsessions of the creators of new technologies. Movies and series have not hesitated to take hold of the subject, such as Osmosis, new French show available on Netflix on march 29. Osmosis
In the French series produced by Netflix, Paul Vanhove (Hugo Becker) and his sister Esther (Agathe Bonitzer), has designed the project, an application dating revolutionary to find his soul mate, in the proper sense of the term. Subjects must agree to implement micro-robots in the brain so that sensory experience is at its peak. But their beta version of the application requires further improvements, and complications arise quickly. Her
Wild Bunch Distribution, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) writes with care and talent of family letters, and love for others in a large company in Los Angeles while he is in a state of depression worrying since his wife left him. To change the ideas, it installs the new operating system OS1, by giving him a female voice. Their multiple interactions turn into a love relationship passionate well as complicated. But their story beats fast of the wing due to the rapid development of the artificial intelligence Samantha. Black Mirror (Season 4 Episode 4 – Hang The DJ) Netflix Like many people, Frank (Joe Cole), uses artificial intelligence to “Coach” to find a soul mate. The process is the same for all, the AI finds them partners and plans a rendezvous in a restaurant. Except that “Coach” tells them from the beginning of the appointment how long their relationship will last. People need to go to the end of the process to move to the next relationship and hope to finally falling for the right person. Zoe
Constantin Film Verleih Cole (Ewan McGregor) and Zoe (Léa Seydoux) work in a science lab, which seeks to improve relationships among humans by creating ” synthetic life “, the androids are very close to humans. They also offer pills “coup de foudre” and can test the compatibilities between people. But Zoe learns that she is the first prototype of synthetic life, so that she thought she was human. It will then fully discover and fall in love with Cole. Weird City (Season 1 Episode 1 – The One) – YouTube Premium In the first episode of the series of Charlie Sanders and Jordan Peele, Stu (Dylan O’brien), who lives with the haves at the top of The Line, has no soul, sister designated because it is born below, with the poor. Therefore, he must string together the “dates” to find his future partner, which the depressed. He then discovers the application “The One That’s The One” that promises to find the perfect person through a battery of tests done by Dr. Negari. The result of Stu will greatly surprise. A bride is not like the others
Diaphana Films Craig Gillespie puts in scene Ryan Gosling in human atypical and lonely who will take his courage in both hands to find a partner. It will go on a website to order an inflatable doll he names Bianca and introduces to his family as his girlfriend. Beyond the ridiculousness of the situation, the character of Ryan Gosling is going to learn to listen to his feelings and to discover what is really love. What is Osmosis ? Hugo Becker explains in this exclusive excerpt : C'is what'application Osmosis ? – EXTRAIT VF

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